It has been a little over two years since triplets, two of which were conjoined, were born in Corpus Christi. In April of 2016, the two conjoined siblings were successfully separated in a historical surgery, and the progress they have recently made is miraculous.

There were doubts that the separated triplets would be able to walk, but now that's a different story.

In May of 2015, Catalina, Scarlett and Ximena Hernandez-Torres were born. Scarlett and Ximena were joined at the pelvis. They survived separation surgery 17 months ago, but doctors weren't sure they would ever be able to walk.

But it seems the girls had other plans. Scarlett has now taken her first steps at two years old.

"I didn't know they are going to be able to walk, so it's very exciting to me to see them do that," their mother Sylvia Hernandez said. "And I know they are really strong."

Sylvia said the girls go to therapy four times a week, and at this rate Scarlett should be walking on her own in a month -- Ximena in about three months.

It's not just standing and walking. They are also working on gross motor skills and speech, but their favorite is busting some moves.

"They love to dance. They love to play. They're always smiling," Sylvia said.

The little girls are making a big impact on medical research, stunning doctors one step at a time.