BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas - As a bitter cold front blasts the area, one local plumber says water pipes can only take so much.

"The obvious thing that can happen is they can freeze up," said Austin Taylor, master plumber and owner of Dynamic Drains of Texas. "If it gets bad enough, if it says cold enough, they actually can burst."

People who own homes have insurance for incidents like this but experts say you should double check your policy.

Plumbers also say to open your cabinet doors to allow heat to reach the pipes and let your faucet drip lukewarm water.

You should also keep the temperature in your home above 67 degrees and never turn the heat off when you leave.

But if you're a renter, you need to read the fine print.

"Your renter's contract usually requires you to take reasonable care to make sure things like that don't go wrong," said Russell Bevil with Russ Bevil Insurance.

We checked with a few apartment complexes and they told us damage costs from frozen pipes usually falls on the tenant.

Some complexes require renter's insurance for this reason and others highly recommend it. It's also a good idea to discuss your renter's insurance policy with your insurance agent to make sure it covers damage from frozen pipes.