When you think about it, it makes perfect sense as small communities here in the Coastal Bend try to recover from Hurricane Harvey, lots of top officials are in the same situation that many residents are having to deal with hard times.

3News talked with the mayor of Fulton about the damage he's dealing with both at home and around his community.

While he's staying in the back part of his house that was severely damaged by the hurricane, the mayor says his most significant job day to day is dealing with state and federal paperwork trying to get the help that this town needs.

Mayor Jimmy Kendrick; "Sit there. Watched my house. My barn settles down. Saw pieces flying off my house and realized, you know, things are changing.

Kendrick lost his barn which contained two vehicles and has had to borrow transportation ever since. He was also forced to give up a good job to do his other job as mayor and now travels several nights a week as an outreach athletic trainer.

He says once the storm was over, he saw how much his town suffered. "And we walked back outside. Looked at the city. Looked at my home and looked at the community that I'm responsible for and wow. It was destroyed. Looked like a bomb had been set off."

Kendrick says their school is still missing a couple of hundred students and he hopes their families eventually return.

The mayor said they tried some social media outreach to see what citizens felt was their most significant need and were surprised by one of the biggest complaints. "We found out with FEMA that, and Red Cross, Fulton doesn't have a mail delivery.When you have a mailbox, it's different than your street address. So there were corresponding problems coming up with FEMA and with Red Cross that they couldn't get any money because your address didn't correspond to where your mail went to."

Kendrick says he hopes everyone gets back to normal soon, but he thinks it will be a new normal.

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