There's no room for the flu virus at Corpus Christi Montessori School.

"We make sure everything is germ-free," eighth-grader Samantha Van Den Eijnden said.

However, there's plenty of space for students keeping their entire campus squeaky clean.

With the rapid rise in flu cases throughout Texas, schools throughout the state are taking extra precautions to prevent an outbreak. Teachers say schools are the perfect breeding grounds for the virus, prompting the need to keep it clean.

Cerise Weeks, the Director of the Corpus Christi Montessori School, said students are working with their teachers to keep their classrooms free of germs. This includes weekly deep cleans and wiping down every surface in the room. Students in all grades switch off being on "Germ Patrol", like second and third graders Charlotte and Cadence.

"We're trying to get rid of sickness and germs like the flu," Charlotte said.

Not only are the students keeping their own classrooms tidy and clean, Weeks said the cleaning skills they develop will likely stay with them forever.

"I think it makes them responsible for themselves and their environment," Weeks said.

Weeks added that they make it fun for all grade levels. Charlotte and Cadence said they mostly enjoy cleaning with their friends.

As students get older, they graduate from 'Germ Patrol' and participate in bigger cleaning assignments.

"We wipe down the shelves and stuff, like every Friday we do deep cleaning," fourth-grader Isabelle Garcia said.

So far, Weeks said they've only had a couple of flu cases on their campus, like Samantha Van Den Eijnden. She said as soon as she felt sick, she told a teacher and went home -- likely preventing the flu from spreading. Now that she's better, Van Den Eijnden helps clean her classroom daily and takes on bigger tasks throughout the school.

"We just make sure everything is clean. We even go into the library, wipe down some tables," Van Den Eijnden says.

Weeks is also making sure students practice proper hygiene like hand washing, covering a cough and cleaning up after oneself. The director said if a student begins to feel ill they need to go to the school nurse immediately and then a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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