The company behind the new Harbor Bridge Project has already begun creating sections of the road bed. Construction is going on in Robstown.

The concrete sections are 10-feet wide and they weigh 100 tons each. It will take 2,600 of them to build the new Harbor Bridge.

"We made our own concrete yard here because right now with the industry in Corpus Christi and the boom in construction, we didn't want to impact that," said Darrell Chambers, a maintainence and traffic engineer for Flatiron Dragados. "And plus, availability of materials. So we found a site here in Robstown near a materials supplier."

A giant straddle carrier is used to pick up a finished section of the bridge to stack it with others.

"We will deliver them as we need them," Chambers said. "They will come in four trucks at a time and we'll lift them up to put them in place."

Flatiron Dragados, the bridge builder, brought the concrete molds from Italy and will be building the sections from now until the bridge is finished.

The Harbor Bridge main tower will be 538 feet, taller than one Shoreline Plaza, and will be the tallest structure in South Texas. The bridge will stretch 2.4 miles and includes a pedestrian overlook as well as a wide walkway.

"The total deck area from abutment to abutment encompassing both the approach and the main span will be just shy of 24 football fields," Flatiron Dragados Engineer Justin Guevara said.

We're told the length of the bridge's main span is equal to five and a half football fields. Each of the 2,600 concrete sections will be transported to the new Harbor Bridge as they are building it. They hope to start that within the next year.

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