A group of friends from the Coastal Bend area got together Monday and Tuesday to help clear roads of trees and other debris in Rockport, Texas, and in the process they made an unlikely but inspiring find -- a heart at the center of a tree they were hauling away from a homeowner's front porch.

(Photo courtesy: Zarron Gonzalez)

The group of friends had been clearing a randomly selected street in Rockport Monday when they stumbled upon Ms. Garcia and her daughter, Doreen. The two had evacuated to Harlingen before Hurricane Harvey came, and had returned home to find a massive tree on their porch, blocking their front door.

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"They didn't have anybody to help them, so we offered," said Zarron Gonzalez, one of the good Samaritans that had come to help.

Gonzalez -- along with friends Burl Ritchie, Ash Nicole, Estrella Flores and Oscar Medina -- got to work clearing the tree. In a Facebook post of the heart photo Tuesday night, Gonzalez explained he was hauling away a branch to the side of the house when his friend shouted, "Let me take a picture!"

"Of what?" he asked.

"It's a heart!"

The group was touched by their finding, and even cut the heart piece off the tree to give to Ms. Garcia.

After their find, the friends cut the piece of heart out of the branch and presented to a very thankful Ms. Garcia. (Photo courtesy: Zarron Gonzalez)

"There is love in destruction," Gonzalez said.

Of course, that's not all the group of good Samaritans gave to the Garcia's -- they also gave the family access to their home again. The massive tree was removed from their porch, making their home look a lot more like the Garcia's remembered it before Harvey.

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