Governor Greg Abbott toured the area near the Aransas County Courthouse Monday along with a large group of journalists. It was a short trip because of debris and power lines still littering the roadway.

Abbott said recovery efforts across the state is going to cost in the billions. The director of FEMA, who was also there, said 8,500 staff members are coming to Texas and will be here for several years to come.

The federal government has pledged to stay on the job for the long haul.

Senator John Cornyn was also on the tour looking over the damage. He said President Donald Trump will be in the area Tuesday.

Congressman Blake Farenthold also joined the group and said that the billions of dollars needed to get our area and Houston back up and running should pass through Congress.

Rockport Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Rios and City Manager Kevin Carruth were both happy to see the governor and congressmen there. They said over the past two days they have been able to bus a number of people out of town thanks to the money that is now being spent there.

There are a lot of residents still there, however, and they are working to clear debris from their homes. Not much else can be done without power, and it is believed the entire city will remain without power for another month.

If you need assistance from FEMA, you can register for it at