Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren received some assistance Wednesday at the American Bank Center during the 18th annual Grandparents Conference.

Multiple agencies have come together to provide useful tools to grandparents and other relatives working to make a difference in a child's life.

More than 300 grandparents gathered at the event Wednesday, many who are now raising grandchildren who have faced issues in their home life.

"This is an event that is so important for our grandparents and other relatives because they need resources," Conference Committee member Felipa Lopez Wilmot said. "They need information."

Over 25 vendors were on hand to provide information ranging from social media use to family dynamics.

"They're going to get information that can really make a difference in raising their grandchildren," Wilmot said. "What is it that you can do so it can have a positive outcome."

Grandparents in attendance said the conference can help improve life at home.

"With these kind of places and booths I can learn how to take care or deal with that kind of stuff," foster grandparent Cynthia Woods said.

It was the fourth year that Woods has attended the conference, and she said there was plenty of new information to learn that can help her raise her 10-year-old granddaughter Zoe.

"I'm hoping that book could help me, or any kind of information can help me," Woods said.

Maria Perez said she has been a big part in raising all 10 of her grandchildren who occasionally stay in her home, where she says education is always encouraged.

"I'm taking them some little fliers so they can see a choice of what they want to study for," Perez said.

Perez hopes to gain further knowledge at next year's conference so that she can continue to be a guiding light in her grandchildren's lives.

"As long as I feel healthy like I do, then I'll always be there for them," Perez said.

Organizers have already said that this year's event was such a success that planning for the 19th annual Grandparents Conference is already underway.

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