Candy Cane Lane is one of the most festive neighborhoods in the Coastal Bend. More than 300 homes are filled with lights and ornaments in their front yard.

Neighbors in the area grew concerned after a popular ornament was stolen late Tuesday. Candy Cane Lane officials released a post on their Facebook page, informing the public of a stolen candy cane.

The post garnered over 230 shares on social media, many who were hoping to recover the missing ornament.

Reports of stolen decorations is not uncommon during the holiday season. Be sure to follow these tips to prevent theft in your area.

  • Don't place decorations too close to the front yard.
  • If you have large ornaments outside bring them indoors overnight.
  • Keep the lines of the communication open with neighbors.
  • Be on the look out for any suspicious cars.

The stolen candy cane was returned early Wednesday afternoon. Residents in Candy Cane Lane thanked the community for their involvement.

A suspect has not yet been identified.