Four Corpus Christi families are about to be first-time home owners thanks to the charitable group Habitat for Humanity.

However, they don't just get to walk right in. First they have to put in a little sweat equity, a Habitat for Humanity tradition.

They have another tradition that continuedThursday as they held a groundbreaking for a new home being built on Lipan Street. They build homes on a foundation of faith a Bible is buried under the foundation at the front door.

"Double wrapped in plastic so the Bible is uninjured," said Carolyn Smith of Habitat for Humanity.

"The intent is to bless everyone that enters through the front door of that home," Smith said.

In all, four new Bibles were placed in the ground Thursday, ready to bless the families who, in 12 months, will walk through the front doors to their new homes.

"My kids are going to enter their new home and it's their foundation," Vijanka Castillo said.

Castillo said she knows it won't be easy.

"Being a single mom and a first-time homeowner, it's hard the first few steps," Castillo said. "It's hard but fun at the same time. You do break a sweat."

In addition to logging hundreds of hours of sweat equity, the Habitat homeowners must first apply and be selected for a low-rate mortgage.

"I believe very much in affordable housing," said Brooke Laclair, Habitat for Humanity Board President. "Corpus does not have any, and so to be part of creating it, to me, that was something that was important."