Ever since Hurricane Harvey, one couple has made it their mission to help thousands affected by the storm by bringing them compassion through comfort food.

"It was like a God moment," Bob Dillard said.

Bob and Cindy Dillard, originally from Philadelphia, recently retired in Corpus Christi.

"We need hot food. We do not have hot food," Cindy said. "They had no power. They had no food."

Just three days after Hurricane Harvey, the two went to Rockport to give hot meals to their friends in need, but it wasn't until they arrived that they saw the level of devastation.

"We just realized we were so blessed. That we were so blessed that we had minimal damage in Corpus, but 30 miles away people had lost everything," Cindy said.

What started as something small quickly turned into serving over 700 people on the main drag of Rockport.

"We decided to buy one little catering portable, put it in back of pickup truck, drove up there, pitched a tailgating tent and people just showed up," Cindy said. "Quickly ran out of food."

The Dillards received help from friends, the community and their church making meals straight from their kitchen and accepting food donations. The effort continued to grow.

"The more people that cooked, the more equipment we needed, and the more food we took up, the more people we could feed," Cindy said.

The family decided to call their mission the Humble Cafe.

"When you see faces of people that are hungry, feeling really down and out, and they also feel that they've been forgotten, it just changes you. It changes your heart. Especially when it's children or seniors who have not left the area. They can't, and they're really stuck," Cindy said.

Now five months later, the family are in the process of making Humble Cafe a non-profit organization.

"Because it's clear that Humble Cafe is not going anywhere," Cindy said. "The need is extensive."

To continue their efforts they must abide by Health Department regulations, which require cooking the meals out of a commercial kitchen. They are asking the public for help. To reach a wider net of people, the family also hope to purchase a food truck.

"Access and mobility into a variety of areas that Humble Cafe isn't serving yet. There are people that are holed up in their homes due to their age, disability or illness," Cindy said.

If you would like to help with monetary or food donations you can find them on Facebook or their website.

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