In September, hundreds of cyclists will gather along the Corpus Christi Bayfront to try and Conquer the Coast. It's the annual 66-mile ride around Corpus Christi Bay that draws bicyclists from all over the state and across the United States.

This year organizers of the event have announced a change to the annual Donny Kloster Award, which is designed to recognize local members of the cycling community. For the 2017 version of the ride, another name will be added to that award, it will be called the “Kloster-Heines Honoree.” Not only paying tribute to Kloster, but avid cyclist Andy Heines, who was killed while riding his bike in July 2017.

Heines was very involved in the cycling community and a longtime steering committee member for Conquer the Coast. He also supported rider benefits and advocated for bike lanes on Corpus Christi streets.

Andy Heines

“He was a consummate bike rider. Andy "walked the walk". He rode for all the right reasons. He was a casual rider, an exercise rider and biked to work as well. He was always willing to help," says good friend Mark Scott.

The Donny Kloster Award was started up in 2012 to honor Kloster, who died in 2007. Kloster once rode from Anchorage, Alaska to Corpus Christi back in 1995. He was a longtime president of South Texas Area Runners Riders and Swimmers.

“Donnie was always willing to give back to the cycling/triathlon community of Corpus Christi and is missed by many. July 2017 marks the tenth year of his death,” Tom Neagli, owner of Bay Area Bicycles, said of his friend.

The “Kloster-Heines Honoree” will wear a specially designed jersey and lead the Conquer the Coast riders to the starting location. The 14th Annual H-E-B Conquer the Coast will take place on Saturday, September 16 and feature three routes. the Cheniere 66-mile “long” ride around Corpus Christi Bay, to the 21-mile “intermediate” ride down scenic Shoreline and Ocean Drive and the shorter Valero 10-mile through downtown Corpus Christi and Shoreline Boulevard.

If you would like more information on 14th Annual H-E-B Conquer the Coast you can log on to for details on how to sign up.