There is no shortage of damage in the Rockport area following Hurricane Harvey, but there are many out there who are turning their attention to the cleanup process.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell joined a group of friends who decided to take it upon themselves to offer a helping hand to the people of Rockport.

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For longtime Rockport resident Bonnie Smith, she knows she is lucky.

"The community is in such dire need," Smith said. "There's homes, half of it's gone. There is just nothing left."

While her home still stands, her property did not escape Harvey's destructive winds.

"A lot of downed trees," Smith said. "I lost a shed, three quarters of my roof; the fence fell on my car."

However, for Smith, what could be a long cleanup process was made a little easier thanks to a group of volunteers who drove up Wednesday and asked if she needed a hand.

"I never asked for these people to come, they just knew I needed it," Smith said. "They came."

With chainsaws in hand and a drive to make a difference, the group of friends got to work cutting a path through the downed trees that were blocking access to Smith's home.

"We live right up the block in Central Corpus," Zarron Gonzalez said. "This could happen to anybody."

Gonzalez was among the group branching out into the community to help those who need it most.

"That is what we did. We rounded up a bunch of friends, said hey let's make our way over to Rockport," Gonzalez said. "The electrical companies have to come out. There are a lot of downed power lines through the whole area."

Smith called the group of friends her real-life superheroes.

"I'm truly blessed," Smith said.

"Everybody is bringing something to the table," Gonzalez said. "It contributes and helps with the cause."

The group, not part of any relief organization -- just friends who want to help -- are encouraging others to head out to the communities most affected by Harvey and do the same.