A local group representing citizens in the Hillcrest neighborhood is still up in arms, now urging the federal government to hold up a portion of Texas Department of Transportation funding for the new Harbor Bridge.

The group said the recent TxDOT decision to put a hold on the relocation program for affected Hillcrest residents violates a standing agreement.

Citizens' Alliance for Fairness and Progress contends that TxDOT has already violated the trust of residents in the area.

"TxDOT has tried to manipulate some of the terms of the agreement that restricts the full benefits of the agreement going to landlords," said Erroll Summerlin of Citizens' Alliance for Fairness and Progress.

Summerlin said a state representative told their advisory board last week that the voluntary bridge relocation program is on hold until a dispute of non-resident property owners, or landlords, is resolved with the Federal Highway Administration.

In a statement released Monday, TxDOT said they believe they are in full compliance with the agreement signed last December. They go on to state that once the Federal Highway Adminstration and TxDOT officials agree on how to proceed, making offers to property owners will proceed.

Another statement released by the Port of Corpus Christi states the relocation program has not been put on hold, but that statement also contains a line that states TxDOT has asked the Port to refrain from making any final offers.

Homeowners and members of the Alliance think the spirit of the agreement is being violated.

"We're not the ones holding it up. We didn't hold it up the first time. We didn't hold it up this time," Daniel Pena said. "And if you're calling a stop to it then that should mean a stop to everything, not just the program for the citizens."

Citizens' Alliance plans on meeting Monday night to decide what their next move will be.