Currently, in 2017, there has been close to 10,000 accidents, and more than 2,800 of those accidents were from a hit and run.

With just ten days left until the new year police said the final number could surpass the 2016 total.

"I was going 60, and then when I was taking exit I was slowing down to maybe a 45," said 23-year-old Skyler Matthews.

It was the night of Nov. 16 at 6:38 p.m. when Matthews was on his 2005 Yamaha SZ 6 trying to get off on the Airline exit.

"A white truck it was one or 2 lanes over cut across," Matthews said. "Nearly hit me a foot in front of my front tire."

Matthews quickly hit is back break causing him to lose traction and caused him to flip off his bike.

"The white truck kept going they had to have seen me," Matthews said. "But they did not stop."

Two individuals stopped to help Matthews and identified the vehicle involved as a while truck but were unable to catch a license plate number.

"Sometimes people will give us license plate, and they can't give us a description of vehicle those we won't give them insurance info just yet until we can confirm it," said Corpus Christi Police Department hit and run investigator Jesse Solis.

If there is no information from the scene, then the department will work with Crime Stoppers to get help from the public.

"There are now some cameras that the city has now set up in different areas, and we can try to look at the video and maybe use that," Solis said. "There had to of been someone who obviously witnessed that accident."

Police said that drivers most likely leave the scene because they might not have insurance, a license, or they think they have a warrant.

"Sometimes people say yes I was scared. Other times people deny it, and other times people won't even answer their phone, and unfortunately some of them are closed because we can't find the person," Solis said

"Bruised knee, road rash," Matthews said. "Fracture on an arch of my foot: still healing."

Although minor doctors said, Matthews' injuries could have been a lot worse.

"The bike is not quiet," Matthews said. "Did he not look at all?"

A month later many questions remain unanswered to the case.

"A stop and help me out would have been amazing," Matthews said. "We all have lives, we all live lives, and life is precious so why get rid of that or why not take responsibility for causing damage to someone else's life?"

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