During pregnancy there are a lot of changes that happened to a woman's body.

Sometimes those changes can be debilitating, but to protect the growing baby, there's not much a woman can take to feel better. That's when home remedies can provide some safe relief.

We met one mom-to-be who has struggled with nausea her entire pregnancy. Nicolette Mills says she wakes up feeling sick and it lasts all day. With her first child she turned to prescription medication.

"I took Zofran which now they're finding there are some birth defects that are linked with that so I was really hesitant my second go-round to go on anything," explains Mills.

Homeopathic Doctor Jennifer November says people who are concerned about side effects can find a cure for their symptoms in nature. "Ginger is known been well researched and knowing to help your nausea and vomiting, you can make your own tea out of the root and there are some products that make it easier to use than brewing a cup of tea," suggests Dr. November.

For symptoms like aches and pain, frequent in the 3rd trimester, Dr. November suggests putting salt in your bath. Epsom salts contain magnesium, which is calming for the muscles and the mind.

For symptoms like irritability and insomnia prenatal massage can relax the body and calm the mind, helping with any anxiety that's occurring during pregnancy.

"I actually started getting prenatal massages may have helped greatly with feeling irritable help with sleep helped with a lot of stuff," admits Mills.

She eventually had to go back on prescription medication because she was losing too much weight but feels better knowing she tried her home remedies first. She says, "I think you should try to do everything possible before you know go to more, take prescriptions anything like that."

For stretch marks Doctor November says nothing is better to prevent them than Vitamin E. She also suggests Shea and Coco butter.