In Texas, we'll only be privy to a partial eclipse where the sun will be covered around 65-percent. According to experts, the best times for us to look at it start at 11 until 2 in the afternoon.

If you didn't get a pair of the solar eclipse viewing glasses, there's something you can make in the comfort of your own home called a pinhole viewer. You'll need:

  • An empty box
  • A small white piece of paper
  • A small piece of foil
  • Tape
  • A small knife
  • A thumbtack

First take your box and flip it to a shorter side and carve a 1 inch square out. Then tape the small piece of foil over the hole. Next, stick a hole in the middle of the foil and then flip the box around facing the foil and place a white piece of paper inside of the box. The last step asks you to carve out another small square from where the paper is.