UPDATE: The city is changing a water disinfectant in preparation for the new chemical Chlorine Dioxide which will be added at the beginning of April.

This is an eight step process, a diagram provided by the city describes how each step works to get us our drinking water.

Screens are used to filter out any debris from reservoirs, for example fish or leaves.

Next chemicals with heavy particles are blended into the collected water during flash mixing. The water then goes through chlorination which kills disease causing organisms.

The next step adds further chemicals into the water which form sticky particles (floc) to attract dirt. This is followed by sedimentation which sink the floc to the bottom and filters out the clear water.

The clear water then goes through another filtration which removes smaller particles. This is followed by post-chlorination which kill disease causing organisms.

Lastly the water is stored in a clear well that holds the treated water before it released to the public.

You can head over to corpuschristiwater.com for a look at the diagram, and further questions contact (361) 826-8000.