A community slammed by Hurricane Harvey is showing signs of returning to normal. The Ingleside Independent School District has decided when they will reopen their school system.

Superintendent Troy Mircovich said they are going to open Sept. 21 to give Ingleside residents time to register and come in so that they can determine how much space they have for displaced students from around the area.

"Then on the 25th, that's when displaced students that are from other districts, we will allow them to come in and we can start filling those areas where we have those gaps," Mircovich said.

Ingleside Primary School is where Mircovich believes there will be eight available classrooms, meaning room for around 200 students. There will be classrooms at other campuses around the district that should be able to handle an additional 100 or so.

Mircovich said they hope to make it easier for students and teachers in neighboring communities.

"Give Aransas Pass teachers a classroom that they can teach their students," Mircovich said. "That way when A.P. opens back up, their students and their teachers all flow right back in and it doesn't interrupt the classrooms that we already have with our Ingleside students."

Mircovich said the school loses $5,000 per student per day for days missed, and the Texas Education Agency just announced a waiver for days missed through Sept. 11, so there will have to be make up days for the district.

"Eight total days that we have to make up somehow," Mircovich said. "Whether we take that out of holiday dates or we add additional days to the end of our calendar, or we add minutes to our day. That's the only way we're going to be able to do that."

Mircovich said a decision will come after schools resume classes.

The superintendent also said early damage estimates will leave the district with a $1.2 million deductible to repair damages.

Meanwhile, as far as football goes, they hope to have their first home game at Mustang Stadium on Sept. 29 if all goes well. That game will be against Goliad.