Ingleside Independent School District Superintendent Troy Mircovich joined the mayor of Ingleside and church leaders Friday to give an update on when the district is looking to open its doors to students.

The district was forced to shut down due to the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey and have been working to reopen.

Mirkovich said they had finished meeting with NorthStar Disaster Recovery and now have a target date of Sept. 25 to reopen all schools in their district.

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“There is an outside chance that we might be able to pull back and start that Thursday prior, but we do not have solid evidence that they are going to give us that yet,” Mircovich added. “So we are still waiting on that.”

Mircovich urged parents to keep up with their district website and Facebook page for updates.

The superintendent said they did have extensive damage at all six of their buildings. He said all three of their gyms have been compromised and will need new floors. These issues are being worked on and will be cleaned up before kids are back in the classroom.

Mircovich added that the district will be taking in displaced students from surrounding areas like Rockport and Aransas Pass, where school will be getting a later start those districts due to the severe damage they sustained during Harvey.

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And as for Texas high school football, Ingleside is still playing. They had a game Friday night in Edna, Texas. However, Harvey took out the lighting at their football fields at home, so Mircovich said it will be at least two weeks before they are able to have a home game in Ingleside.

They are looking at the possibility of daytime games on Saturday’s or getting their hands on some portable lighting.

As for the score of Friday night's game: