For the first time since May and after Hurricane Harvey, Ingleside students were back in the classroom on Thursday, including 5th and 6th graders at Blaschke Sheldon Elementary School.

"I wanted to go to school and see my friends and learn," 6th grader, Jorge Hernandez said.

"I was nervous and excited at the same time," 6th grader, Brandon Hernandez said.

"They want to be back in school," Principle Dr. Jill Blankenship said. "They want normalcy and they finally got that today after a month well at least a little 8 hour window."

The district suffered $8 million in damages between all campuses.

"We had to remove carpets from the fifth grade wing, flooring," Blankenship said. "Office areas had four to five inches of water in it."

Blaschke Sheldon staff said Hurricane Harvey only brought them closer to the young minds they teach.

"A lot of them don't have a home to go to or its not their home that their going to so we're trying to be as comforting and welcoming as we can be." 6th grade reading teacher, Selena Cruz, said.

And closer to each other especially teachers who lost everything but still showed up.

"Who do not have a home, who do not have electricity, who do not have water and do not have a place to go to and their here loving on kids and educating them here today," Blankenship said.

Mircovich Elementary is the only campus that remains closed but those students are attending the primary school until their campus opens in October.

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