A couple hundred apartment dwellers in Ingleside have been evicted from their homes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They were told to leave because mold was found in the complex.

The problem is that many have no where to go. The City of Ingleside is getting more involved, saying they were not aware of the evictions until a tenant went to the police to ask for help.

For Karina Arismendez, options have run dry.

"There's no apartments available," Arismendez said. "There's really no affordable houses available. I mean, I'm a single mom. I work two jobs. I have to find something that's affordable to me."

Arismendez has until Wednesday to move out after her landlord legally evicted most of the tenants because of hurricane damage to the complex. She has been waiting on federal help, but has received nothing yet.

The City knows her plight and said there are many other tenants, renters and homeowners who currently have no safe place to call home.

"This is kind of another disaster after the disaster, where we thought, hey, everybody was in good shape," City Recovery Manager Chris Kehl said.

Kehl said finding short-term housing for displaced residents is becoming impossible, adding that residents in need must contact FEMA, the Red Cross and any other church groups or agencies to find help to find safe housing.

"If you are living somewhere that's not habitable right now, or you're being requested to leave, if you've got a secure place, family or friends that you can live with -- maybe somewhere up the country, up the state or even in another state that will help your family -- then maybe we can help with relocation," Catholic Charities Director Linda McKamie said.

McKamie said they have already helped some 3,500 victims of the storm and are even helping with some rebuilding expenses.

The City continues to wait for ideas and action from FEMA and other agencies that have offered to help provide at lease short-term housing for the near future.

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