57-year-old Brad Guion is known for two things, being the science teacher everyone wanted to have at Leon Taylor middle school in Ingleside and always fishing in his spare time.

His last fishing trip nearly ended his life after he contracted vibrio.

Guion is stunning doctors with an amazing recovery.

Weeks ago he looked like he was being kept alive with machines after Vibrio took over his whole body.

Kiii Reporter Briana Whitney spoke with Brad, and he's in the best of spirits in ICU.

He said it's a miracle, there's no doubt about it.

The Vibrio bacteria was contracted while he was fishing in Rockport last June.

That day, his foot started stinging but he went fishing anyway.

He said that was the worst decision he could have made.

The Vibrio spread quickly and sent him into a coma.

Now, Brad is awake with full memory and only had to have part of his left arm and right foot amputated.

His legs were able to be saved so he is expected to walk. He's currently going through intensive physical therapy 2 days a week, and won't stop until he's on the move again.

He credits the amazing support from family, friends and students and the reason he continues to recover.