A legal setback today for Chris Perez, Selena's former husband.

Perez was hoping to turn his book about his life with Selena into a t.v. series

Kiii anchor Rudy Trevino has been following this developing story.

Perez's lawyer made their case before 148th district court Judge Guy Williams on Friday, but after hearing testimony Judge Williams ruled that a lawsuit filed by Selena's father against Perez meant to block the t.v. series "To Selena, with Love" can move forward.

Perez's lawyer argued it was part of his free speech rights.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr's attorney told the judge the Quintanilla owns the rights to his daughter's name, voice signature, and her likeness and that Perez had signed an agreement that prevented him from exploiting the Tejano singer.

The agreement between Perez and the Quintanilla family was made just two months after the death of Selena.

It also gives Perez 25-percent of the net profits of everything that is Selena.

Perez reportedly already received more than $3-million since her death. His attorneys did not want to comment after today's proceedings.