This is the worst year for fleas in years. The shelves at the stores are sold out or low on inventory of the products used to control fleas.

If your dog or cat has fleas, they are at risk for contracting tapeworms.

When you go to battle with flea infestations it needs to be a full out offensive attack.

    *Treat your dog, wash your dog and give your dogs a bath or dip with a permethrin-based product. (Do NOT use on a cat)

    *Treat all animals. For dogs or cats, you can also use pyrethrins-based product.

    *Treat your yard and property, there are many products for this. Spray your yard well and the next day lay down granules of the same product.

    *Treat indoors, use a safe indoor flea killer but be sure to spray the nooks and crannies. For a really bad infestation, use a fogger inside but follow the instructions. Use a carpet powder if necessary.

    *Wash all bedding, rugs, etc

    *If you haven't already, start applying preventative to your pets. There are many types and brands of preventatives available. They range from prescription pills to topically applied drops.