In the wake of the accidental shooting death of a two-year-old boy Sunday, many in the community are asking why the gun was not safely put away.
There are a multitude of precautions gun owners can take advantage of.
"Whenever you have guns at the house, lock 'em up," said Frank Manning of Corpus Christi Safe & Lock.
Manning has years of experience using guns, and just so happens to be an expert at keeping things safe. He owns Corpus Christi Safe & Lock, a business he acquired from his brother, who was killed by someone using a gun. Now, he not only sells gun safes, but also gives advice on how to be safe around firearms.
With a variety of ways to properly store a gun or other firearm, Manning said it is just common sense. Some of the storage units can range from $60-70, up to several thousand dollars, but the simplest and least expensive is a simple steel cable with a lock.
"They come with guns, but we also sell them under $10, $15 bucks," Manning said. "And you have it locked up and kids aren't gonna get in."