A Killeen woman is battling cancer for the third time today and she's using fashion to keep her spirits high and remain focused on life after treatment. Kisha Gates found out she had liver cancer again in February, after beating it once in 2014 and beating endometrial uterine cancer in 2010.

Kisha says all of the hospital visits and chemo treatments over the years at times took her to a dark place that she didn't like, but as a seasoned stylist she says keeping fashion and her family a priority during her journey helps her remember that she has something to fight for.

"Me doing this allows me to put my mind in another place it allows me to not think about what I'm going through personally but think about what my goal is to achieve in life" says Kisha Gates.

She says doing glammed up photo shoots helps her feel confident and beautiful despite strength and hair loss from chemotherapy, and that her most recent shoot just goes to show that cancer doesn't define who she is.

"Cancer doesn't have to stop us from living and that's what I've chosen to do. I've chosen to not allow this to dictate my life" says Gates.

Killeen photographer Angela Latimer says being able to shoot photos of Kesha has been inspiring.

"In the images you can see her strength and it's beautiful. Kisha is motivating women and people with cancer to keep going and to not give up so I was more than honored to be a part of that for her" says Angela Latimer, Killeen photographer.

Kisha says the love and support she receives from her friends, family and the fashion industry motivate her to keep moving forward.

"The enemy wants us to lose, he wants us to feel like we can't win and I will never give anybody that satisfaction to feel like they've ever beat me, not even cancer" says Gates.

Kisha says she plans to use the pictures from her photo shoots to create an album documenting her fight against cancer, she also says she believes this will be her final battle with cancer and that she will come out victorious.

To connect with Kisha and follow her journey you can find her Instagram at: @pr_fashionista_diva