A Korean War veteran has unexpectantly found himself starting life over again at the age of 86 after Hurricane Harvey left his trailer-home in Port Aransas unliveable and destroyed all of his possessions.

"One of the proudest years of my life serving with those men in Korea, they are in my thoughts every day," Harry Alfeo said.

Alfeo knows how fragile life really is.

"The pile keeps getting bigger and bigger doesn't it," Alfeo said.

Alfeo watched his home of 24-years be reduced to rubble in a matter of minutes.

"It's so hard to be humble," Alfeo said. "One storm came through and changed all that overnight."

The 86-year-old Port Aransas resident rode out the storm in his home, but it quickly filled with water making it unlivable.

"I've had to relocate. I can't tell you starting over is what its like, you run into expenses you don't think about. Rent I haven't paid rent in over 20 years. My whole lifestyle is now changing instead of a property owner I'm now a renter," Alfeo said.

At the same time when Harvey hit, his wife had to be placed in an assisted living home for Alzheimer's.

"You have to take your problems one at a time, prioritize, figure out the most important one, her health is the most important, and you go from that point on," Alfeo said.

Now focusing on an uncertain future, Alfeo knows he is not alone.

"I can't tell you how much money they saved me, the city demolishing this will save me $12,000," Alfeo said.

Folks are coming together to lend a helping hand to Alfeo. City of Port Aransas Fire Fighters are doing their part to clear Alfeo's mobile home of debris over the weekend to make way for the demolition.

But even after so many challenges, Alfeo remains hopeful.

"I'm still positive about the future," Alfeo said.

"It is always heartbreaking to watch someone lose their home, but it's also heartwarming to know we have such a strong community beyond the borders of Port Aransas to step up and help people like this out," Cheif Scott Burroughs said.

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