Journeyman Lineman John Guzman of the Nueces Electric Cooperative was awarded Thursday the Texas Electric Cooperatives' Livesaving Award after officials said he rescued three people who were in a serious car accident in Robstown last September.

Officials said Guzman was returning home from a 14-hour shift when he came across a couple of teens trying to flag him down on County Roads 44 and 69. There was a car accident in a nearby ditch.

At the scene, Guzman saw a woman face-down in the floorboard of the passenger side and two men pinned inside the vehicle. They were badly injured and had multiple broken bones, bruising and other injuries. Guzman put his first aid training to use and helped carry the victims out of the ditch to safety and then performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Guzman's first aid training comes as part of being a journeyman lineman, and included CPR and AED training.

"Our linemen work hard each day in potentially hazardous situations dealing with electricity, so safety and first aid trainings are a priority here at NEC," CEO Trace McCuan said. "John Guzman went above and beyond the call of duty after a long day to help save those people in distress, partly because NEC has a duty to serve this community and we want to do that in every way that we can."