The Texas Senate has moved forward with SB4, which would punish local government entities and college campus refusing to cooperate with or enforce immigration laws.

Kiii News Anchor Rudy Trevino spoke with two people who's job it is to enforce the law in Nueces County and Corpus Christi, both echoing their policy and procedures as the law and pledging to stand by it.

Corpus Christi Police Chief Mike Markle said department policy is that immigration status of individuals alone is generally not a matter for police action.

"We don't base our detention soley on belief of immigration status or checking of immigration status," Markle said.

In the CCPD's most recent policy and procedures, dated Jan. 9, the manual states, "Unless immigration status is relevant to another criminal offense or investigation, suspicion of being illegal isn't the sole basis for contact detention or arrest."

Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin said his department also does not make arrests based on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant.

"We will enforce the law. We are not going to become immigration agents," Kaelin said. "We will leave that to the federal government."

Both departments do not independently conduct sweeps or other concentrated efforts to detain suspected undocumented immigrants.

SB4, if passed, will require all law enforcement to honor ICE requests to hold people who have been arrested for 48 hours while ICE investigates their immigration status. State law makers could vote on the bill within the next 60 days.