Thursday was a day set aside by proponents of immigrants to show America what a day without them would be. In cities across the country there were protests, and in others, businesses shut their doors.

It's called a Day Without Immigrants, a national demonstration aimed at showing the impact immigrants have on our country's economy.

Victor Marroquin shut down his tree cutting business for the day to take part.

"The immigrant is paying a lot of money, you know. At the grocery store, to the apartment, everything," Marroquin said. "You know, you send the people back, they'll probably close the stores because, because they dont have no customers."

In Dallas, an organization called Accion America posted social media message encouraging immigrants, legal or illegal, not to go to work, school or even shop.

On Padre Island, some hungry customers showed up at a Mexican resturant hoping for a noon taco or enchilada, only to find the doors shut for the day.