He is an important part of a local family, but Gunny has gone missing. So now Crystal Keener and her husband John are going to extraordinary lengths, to the tune of thousands of dollars, to get the word out: they want Gunny, a two-year-old English bulldog, back.

The Keener's have used social media, rented digital billboards and even spent money to build a giant lighted billboard on wheels, all in hopes of getting Gunny back. They have invested thousands of dollars hoping to get clues as to where Gunny might be.

It was two months ago when someone cut through their chain link fence and made off with the dog. The Keener's said since all of their children are grown and gone, Gunny was their child.

"I put signs all over the neighborhood," Crystal Keener said. "I went to all the shelters for days after."

Despite going door to door, using social media and even renting the gigantic Kiii-TV digital billboard, they have had no luck. That is why they decided to make a $6,000 investment by building a massive lighted billboard on wheels.

"I feel like someone took him to sell him to a breeder, or someone to breed, or they took him so they could breed him, and that's why we're putting such a big reward, in hopes that they'll sell him back to us. Or maybe they sold him to someone who unknowingly bought a stolen dog," Keener said.

The beloved pet was named Gunny in honor of Crystal's father, who was a gunnery sergeant in the U.S. Marines -- a highly decorated hero who served two tours in Vietnam.

"Growing up, my dad had a tattoo right here of a bulldog, and it was kind of special to me once we got the bulldog, and I want to do something to kind of remember my dad," Keener said.