A local man, originally from Chicago, is about to head back to the famous Wrigley Field to see his Cubs play in the World Series, just as he did over 70 years ago.

That's right. It's been 25,498 days since the last time the Cubs have played in the World Series, so you can't help but smile when you see Don Martin in his Cubs gear ready to go. He's just shy of 90 years old, and he's ready to be at another championship game over half a century later.

It was 1945 when the Cubs were in the World Series. 88-year-old Don Martin was there at Wrigley Field watching one of the World Series games at 17 years old.

Martin said tickets for he and his two brothers cost $10 altogether, and it was just a few cents to get an ice cream and a Coke. Even after moving to Corpus Christi in 1973, he stayed a true Cubs fan, making the front page of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times in 1984 with a huge sign in his yard when they almost made it back to the World Series.

So you can imagine when the Cubs beat the Dodgers last week, making it to the World Series 71 years later, Martin was thrilled. His son Mike and his family knew they had to get him back to Wrigley Field, so on Thursday he will be flying out to Chicago. His family is working on getting him a pricey ticket to the Friday or Saturday World Series game.

He is more than ready.