In light of the recent Ohio State University attack, 3News decided to find out if schools in Corpus Christi use the "Run, Hide, Fight" method in the situation of an active shooter or other dangerous situation.

Kiii News Reporter Briana Whitney spoke to several different schools who differ in their approach.

After a man with a knife carried out a brutal attack on the Ohio State University campus Monday, campus police there told their students to run, hide, and fight. 3News asked local schools if they would encourage that same protocol, and it turns out the elementary schools, the high schools and the colleges all say it depends on the age of the students.

"If it came down to you defending their life, this is Texas and you do have the right to defend yourself," CCISD Police Chief Kirby Warnke said.

Warnke said as far as the Corpus Christi Independent School District goes, especially the high schools, they agree with Ohio State's plan and have implemented it since it was first introduced by the FBI out of Houston in 2009.

Those schools also have a mandated active shooter drill they must complete in the first month of the school year.

Dr. Kimberley Bissell, principal of Windsor Park Elementary, said her students are not old enough or strong enough to take on an intruder, and faculty would be the only ones to defend like that at their school; but there, each class has a specialized location to go to.

"They would go to that secured location immediately, lock the door, barricade, and follow the teacher's instructions," Bissell said.

The colleges differ. Del Mar College follows a different strategy called "ADD," which stands for Avoid, Deny and Defend, an idea that originated out of Texas State University. They believe it is a step up from run, hide and fight.

The college would encourage students to get off campus as quickly as possible, unlike the elementary and high schools; but all three schools agree on one thing -- though they are prepared for a horrible situation like this, they hope to never have to act on it.