A day at work for Justin Welling means a day behind the wheel for the Favor app, which is similar to Uber, but focuses on deliveries.

“When someone requests for Favor, we get on our phone and we go run that Favor for them,” Welling said.

The 18-year-old spends hours crisscrossing the city of Houston in traffic and while he observes the drivers around him, he uses more than just his eyes.

“This is a Dash Cam G1W,” Welling said, gesturing toward the camera mounted to his rearview mirror. “I actually got it for insurance purposes at first.”

A couple months after that, he said he started noticing “Bad Driver” channels on YouTube.

“I was like, ‘Houston needs one!’” he said.

Welling created his own channel, Bad Drivers of Houston, and began posting the videos his dash cam captured.

“It’s entertainment for me, basically. I’m not trying to shame these drivers,” Welling said. “Everyone relates to traffic in Houston. Everyone has their own opinion about it.”

That’s clear based on the number of subscribers to the teen’s channel, which totals more than 2,000.

“I never expected that,” he said. “Everyone has their own stance on it. Everyone has their own stories. I have subscribers send me their own clips from their dash cams or GoPros.”

The recent high school graduate might have to put the brakes on his project soon though. He’s headed to college at the University of Southern California in August.

“I don’t know how much I’m going to drive,” he laughs, before promising he’ll post what he can when he visits home.