The Lowe's department store on Airline Road decided to reopen their doors Saturday for those trying to repair damage to their homes from Hurricane Harvey.

Many Corpus Christi residents were relieved that the damage wasn't worse, but plenty are still without power.

"I came to get batteries for my radio so we could listen to the news and see what's going on," Tina Lennon said.

Lennon said she had minor damage to her home including downed fences and trees.

"The winds. Oh my God, we thought one time that the windows were going to blow out, but everything came out good. We got up this morning and we looked around," Lennon said. "There's a lot of debris and fences down and stuff like that, but nothing compared from what I've seen on the internet with Port Aransas and other places like that."

Homeowner Justin Huerta said he and his family also suffered minor damage, but being without power has been rough.

"We're hanging out here hoping on getting a generator in the new shipment that they should be getting in today," Huerta said. "Yesterday our power went out about 2 p.m., so yeah, it's been a good while. Me and my two parents. My brother, my sister and a family friend, plus a houseful of dogs, cats and birds."

Others like David McFarling said they lucked out and didn't lose power.

"Like almost everyone else in town, we have areas where the fence is blown down, so we're going to put this up temporarily until we get the fencing crews out to come in and replace the fences," McFarling said.

"Our fence blew down with the storm so we're trying to get some temporary fencing to help keep our animals in place," homeowner Darryl Mayes said.

"For the most part, our damage is little to nothing," Anna Hernandez said. "Just on one fence, and that tree had barely cracked. It's all good. We were very blessed."