Election day is still 26 days away, but in Nueces County hundreds of election ballots have already come in by mail.

The mail-in ballots are among the estimated 10,000 that have been mailed out to Nueces County voters who have requested them.

For the last few weeks, County employees have been busy stuffing envelopes with mail-in ballots. With more than 200 differing variations of ballot styles, the process is tedious.

"600 people already voted in Nueces County," Nueces County Clerk Kara Sands said. "We've received their ballots."

8,000 registered voters in Nueces County have requested them and so far, 5,000 have been mailed out.

Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos announced the state set a new record for registered voters with more than 15 million people registered ahead of election day on Nov. 8.

When you do go to the polls, expect the process to be more streamlined. No longer will you have to wait to have your name looked up in one of those big books. Your information will already be in the County's new "poll book," which will not only speed things up, but make the voting process more secure.

"So if someone goes to a vote center and they vote, if they try to go vote again, the person at the other vote center will pull it up and it will say 'this person voted at this time and at this location,'" Sands said.

Ironically, despite the increase in registered voters, Texas has continued to lag behind national voter turnout rates.

Early voting begins in 11 days.