In the last three days, there were two very serious accidents in South Texas that injured several children, and both were caused by a tire malfunction.

How long has it been since you last checked your tires?

This weekend 12 children were hurt in two different accidents after both cars experienced blowouts.

"It's good to check the air pressure at least once a month," said Mauricio Banuelo of Banuelo's Tires.

Employees at Banuelo's Tires said during summer months they see about 60 cars a day with tire problems -- more than double the amount they usually see in other seasons. They said many people do not know what to look for when it's time to change tires.

"The rule of thumb is every four years, but it's also to keep the rotation and balance every 10,000 miles," Banuelo said. "It may appear that it's got good tread on there, but once we apply presure to it, this tire is full of stress cracks, weather cracks."

There's an easy way for you to check at home if you need new tires. It's called the penny trick. All you have to do is put a penny upside down into the tread of your tires, and if you can see Abraham Lincoln's forehead or hairline above the tread, you need to get your tires replaced.

What do you do if you have a blowout?

"Don't push on those brakes, which that's the first thought we have," said Gladys Stephan, a former driving instructor.

Instead, she said steady the wheel and take your foot off the accelerator. Then, once the car slows down, slowly start to brake and get to the side of the road.