Had things been different and "Cindy" were headed in our direction, would Corpus Christi be prepared? 3News checked with first responders and the City's Office of Emergency Management.

"You know, we've activated probably 13 times this year because of storms and floods and special events," Emergency Management Coordinator Billy Delgado said. "So every time we do activate, it's good."

Each time a regularly scheduled training session occurs, it is expierence and knowledge for those in command.

"Preparing for a potential disaster is the most important thing," said Captain Billy Breedlove of the Corpus Christi Police Department.

On Tuesday, the training was focused on what to do in case of a hurricane.

"We go through certain levels, checking things, making sure that everything is working correctly," said Captain James Brown of the Corpus Christi Fire Department. "It's a plan that's already in place so we just follow it. Basically a check list."

Since few, if any, officers with CCPD and CCFD have actually experienced a hurricane as first responders, training sessions are key.

"It's a reflection of our city in general, is that we don't have any people that have actually been through a major hurricane," Brown said.

"You can be prepared by having a plan for your family, and being notified and educated is a first step," Breedlove said.

Breedlove suggests signing up for free Reverse Alert notifications at ReverseAlert.org.