The Texas Rangers are investigating the death of a 27-year-old Bee county man who died in the custody of Sheriff's deputies on Wednesday.

The Sheriff's department said that deputies were called to the Coastal Plains MHMR clinic in Beeville because a mental patient there was not being cooperative.

After they arrived, they learned that the patient was supposed to be committed to a mental health facility outside of Beeville.

Deputies said they spoke with the man and he refused to be cooperative with them and then he became aggressive.

They were able to get him in a patrol unit and checked out by EMS.

Another ambulance was coming to pick him up and that's when deputies found him unresponsive in the patrol unit.

The patient was rushed to the hospital in Beeville where he died.

An autopsy has been ordered in this case and Sheriff's officials say this is no indication of any wrong-doing on the part of the officers who handled the 27-year-old man.