A fire that broke out around noon Friday destroyed a home in the small town of Petronila, leaving one family without anything but the clothes on their backs.

Still, the family is grateful for many things, including the fact that their son made it out alive.

"Compared to everything else that's happened this year, yeah, crazy is one way to put it," Michael McBride said.

McBride was at home when it went up in flames.

"I was able to get out in plenty of time," McBride said. "Fire alarm went off and I smelt the smoke, peeked around the corner and saw smoke and I'm out of there. Got out the back."

McBride's family arrived a bit later to see flames shooting into the sky and smoke billowing in the wind.

It's a family of survivors. They have overcome things most could not even fathom.

"My son, who had a double lung transplant, a second double lung transplant, was home and I was coming home to take him hunting because he finally felt good enough to get out of the house," Steven McBride said.

Michael has been battling cystic fibrosis since he was a baby so he is no stranger to 3News.

"Katia did her first assignment on him," Steven said.

He was only eight years old when Kiii News Anchor Katia Uriarte reported on Michael's artistic work at Driscoll Children's Hospital.

Michael has survived and overcome great obstacles in his 25 years of life, so a tragedy like Friday's has made him and his family strong, learning that unifying when times are tough is best.

"I got a lot of family. I got a lot of friends. We've been out here for 27 years," Steven said. "These are all like family and friends to me."

The McBrides have insurance so they are okay with that. They said they will be staying with family members until they figure out their next move. Until then, they said they are staying thankful.

"I'll lose the house over my son any day of the week," Steven said.

"It's probably why I'm not freaking out right now," Michael said. "I know it will all turn out fine."

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