Aransas County wants criminals to know they are tough on crime. With Thursday's conviction and 40 year sentencing of a serial burglar, authorities there hope they are sending a strong message.

Aransas County Sheriff Bill Mills said that the county is fed up with crime, and it is not always about the money. There is a personal cost to victims and that played a part in the tough sentence handed down by Aransas County Judge Flanagan Thursday.

Glenn Gadomski was found guilty on six counts of burglary. Social media buzz is that his 40 year sentence may have been excessive, but the victims of his crimes feel otherwise.

Business owner David Wilson had over $100,000 worth of merchandise stolen, including two classic GTO's.

With Gadomski put away, he is thankful for the increased efforts by Aransas County law enforcement and the new resolve to get tough on crime.

Sheriff Mills said there are others to be brought to justice in this ongoing theft ring investigation and they are going to face tough punishment as well.