AAA projects that almost 49 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this Thanksgiving, and that doesn't include the people who are starting their holiday this weekend.

If you are headed to the airport the best advice, as usual, is to get there early. Parking may be a problem if you wait too long.

Kim Bridger with the Corpus Christi International Airport said the airport begins to feel the surge on the Friday before the holiday week, and parking will start to get tight beginning this weekend.

"By Sunday, Monday, into Tuesday, the parking lot will really begin to fill up," Bridger said, "so people who are traveling out on Tuesday and certainly on Wednesday are likely to find a very, very full parking lot."

Bridger said there is a small amount of overflow parking on the north side of the lot that should get them through.

AAA said 48.7 million of us will be on the roads this holiday week, which is a million more than last year, and the Department of Public Safety said preparation can save the motorist many headaches.

"Just make sure you look over your vehicle. Your tires and equipment," DPS Sgt. Nathan Brandley said. "Make sure everything's in good order before you leave, and if you're traveling, if there's any weather you're going to run into."

Last year, DPS troopers made an estimated 217 arrests for driving while under the influence in this area, so troopers said be extra careful if you're driving on the roadways this holiday.