Mayoral candidate Margaretta Fratila is responding to questions raised about her educational background.

The questions, first published in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times suggest that the businesswoman has mis-represented her education background and family history and has distributed resumes that simply don't square with the facts. Fratila denies any intentional misrepresentation.

The issue is a flyer which lists that she graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with an MBA.

She tells 3 News, it was a printing mistake.

She sat down with us to explain.

Reporter, "You are talking about your education on your flyer in which you listed that you graduated with an MBA from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Is that true?

Fratila said, "No I do not have an MBA from Texas A&M Corpus Christi."

Reporter, "Why put that flyer out there to the public if it's not true?"

Fratila responded, "I did not put that flyer out. I was just doing an advertising for one of the newspapers. One of the free newspapers here. The guy in charge of doing the cover, had only my picture, I said, hey look I can send you some stuff here so if you have the chance, you can put it together. But it's just one comma...You can see...Master in management from Webster University, it's not from A&M, from CCSU."

Reporter, "You have to understand with this race, especially given what happened with Mayor Dan McQueen when he resigned, given everything we talked about, do you think trust should be a key issue in this race?"

Fratila said, "Oh no. I think that trust right now, I lived here 34 years, people know me since the day I crossed the Harbor Bridge. I know each and everyone of the people that they are involved in any kind of organizations. Talking about from the leadership to the homeless to everyone, people know me. People how much important education...I'll never stop educating myself and educating others."

Fratila said she attended a candidate forum Wednesday night and says she continues to be committed to the mayor's race.

In fact, she handed us an updated flyer, in which she says the mistakes were corrected.

Fratila is one of 8 candidates vying for the mayor's seat during the May 6 special election.