The mother of the deadly shooting in Mathis on Tuesday speaks out on what led up to her son being involving in this whole situation.

That shooting left two people dead and another still in critical condition.

Valerie Soliz, the mother of suspected shooter Christian Bernal, says that three weeks before the shooting, one of the shooting victims and another man showed up at her home at four in the morning.

"My son talk to the four about two hours and we ended up falling asleep cause this was like four in the morning and my son said he had a bad feeling cause they hand never gone over there but its a small town," Soliz said. "so any ways they hit my son with a gun on the head and they bust his head open and they take money like close to two thousand dollars from him."

She said it was 27-year-old Mathew Martinez who hit her son with gun. Martinez died at the scene Tuesday at Huff's on South Aransas Street. 34-year-old Ruben Gutierrez died yesterday afternoon. The third shooting victim, identified as 18-year-old Mark Villarreal, is in critical condition. Two suspects are in jail... while third, Christian Bernal is on the run. Soliz says her son feared for his life as well as his family's.

Mathis police, in a statement to 3News say Bernal is considered armed and dangerous and are asking anyone who may have seen or know of his whereabouts to contact them.