Is the City prepared for whatever heads our way from the remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey? The answer is yes, according to emergency management officials and the Corpus Christi mayor.

During a break in Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Joe McComb stepped out to say the City is ready for any tropical weather, but citizens need to be aware.

"Just stay aware and do just your normal routine activities, but keep yourself abreast of what the news has going on because these things, they can change overnight," McComb said.

The mayor said the City's emergency management team is prepared for any high-water emergencies that might arise by the end of the week. McComb said they have trained enough to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to severe weather. But he said history has shown that you never know what a storm will do.

"If any of us here been through Celia, which I did, that literally is the case," McComb said. "One day it was a day like we see today, it was a Sunday, and by Monday Celia, it wasn't coming here on Sunday but on Monday it came here."

McComb said residents should take advantage of all the available technology to keep up to date on the severe weather forecasts. The City will issue any necessary orders they need to make sure that residents are safe during any tropical weather that we're faced with.