Mayor Joe McComb reflected on his 38 days as leader of the City of Corpus Christi.

McComb said he is pleased with how smooth everything is going and he's in it to finish it.

Since being elected mayor in the special election, McComb said that City Council is bringing a new attitude towards customer service and the public will soon see they're getting things done.

Kiii Reporter spoke with Mayor McComb about other completed tasks.

One of the projects at the forefront of McComb's agenda is the wastewater collection system.

The City is working on a deal with Valero. The refinery would potentially use Corpus Christi's waste water for their refining jobs.

Mayor McComb explained that the pipes and infiltration of sea water is too salty to use in the refining processes.

He's planning to have a contract with Valero within the next 60 days that will allow the company to use that 4-million gallons worth of wastewater.

When it comes to the Greenwood Wastewater Treatment Plant, he said there are plans to help get rid of the lingering odor.

The staff has been given $1.3-million to address the problem.

Mayor McComb said it's amazing what can get done once direction has been given and a decision has been made.

The upcoming budget review is also a point of focus, especially with new Council Members.

The mayor said they can all get a good grip on the budget now and be able to face the obstacles ahead.

Street improvement is on the agenda and the mayor is reminding citizens that residential streets may take longer to fix than main ones.

Mayor McComb is honored and privileged to be mayor and bring stability.