Police said there may have been one weather-related death during this cold snap, and others at risk include the elderly.

One local agency that tries to watch out for seniors citizens is Meals on Wheels, which is run by the City's Senior Services Department.

"My wife is happy that somebody comes and checks on us," Luis Lugo said. "They're here every day, serving me and others."

Lugo and his wife both appreciate the visits by Meals on Wheels drivers to give them peace of mind. Lugo tells his friends to call the program.

"I tell them that the service is there for them. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call when you're at that age," Lugo said.

Meals on Wheels driver Roy Reshman worries about many of his clients.

"Some of them have windows that are broken, and they can't repair them. Or they don't have the money to buy a heater. Small ones, they try to heat the whole house just for one room. So it's kind of saddening," Reshman said.

Lisa Oliver oversees the Meals on Wheels program and said welfare checks on the elderly are part of every driver's mission.

"It's more than just a meal. Welfare checks are vital to the home-delivered meal program," Oliver said.

In many cases, the individuals may not have other family members to check on their well being, and Oliver said they recently had a case where cold was a problem.

"A few weeks back we had an individual who was in need of a heater, so the driver reported the situation of the elderly female. We went through our partnership, and we were able to reach out to one of our agencies that assisted in making a donation of heaters, so we were able to serve that individual," Oliver said.

Hypothermia happens when the temperature of the body gets very low and for an older person, even 95 degrees can cause many health problems including heart attack, kidney problems, liver damage or worse.

The National Institute on Aging said to do things you don't usually do when you have a cold snap. Go ahead and wear two or three layers of clothes even if you stay inside the house and don't forget to dress up even when you go to bed.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteers and donations. If you are interested, contact Corpus Christi Senior Services at 361-826-3150.

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