Together they've traveled all over and have decided to settle in Corpus Christi.

Banta recalls the help she received from others as a military wife, so she's taking over the USO South Texas Chapter, to give back to the military community.

"Really excited about this new position as executive director, I love helping military families I love helping our troops and I think it's a good transition for me," Banta says.

Mrs. Banta has several plans for the chapter, including events that get the military members and their families off of the bases.

"Just get our military members out in the community so they can see some of the great things that Corpus Christi has to offer, I'd just like to see us grow our programs that we offer," Banta adds.

She's involved with NAS Corpus Christi and Kingsville.

Right now they host lunches on various days and other events on base but would like to do more things in Corpus Christi.

How will she do this all?

With the help of her employees, whom she says she's extremely thankful for.

"We really couldn't do it, what we do without our volunteers we have a great staff."