Driscoll Children's Hospital has become a second home for Cristo and his family, traveling all the way from the Rio Grande Valley to be there. That is because after several previous misdiagnoses, Cristo is alive because of Driscoll.

Cristo and his mom Lupita take the bus from Brownsville to Corpus Christi three times a month, just to visit Driscoll Children's Hospital. It's a trip of about four hours each way, but it's worth it.

Driscoll is the only hospital that knows what is making Cristo sick.

Before Cristo went to Driscoll, doctors in the Rio Grande Valley did not know how to diagnose him; but Driscoll pathologists realized what they were dealing with -- tuberculosis, a rare and dangerous disease.

"When you're infected as a child, usually the spread of the disease is fast," Dr. Jaime Fergie said.

Cristo remained in intensive care for months, eating through a tube. The disease raised his calcium levels making it hard for him to breathe, and it eventually spread to his brain.

"He had a problem with his calcium. It was high in his blood, which is rare, and he was treated at an outside facility," Dr. Karl Maher said.

It turns out, Cristo got the disease from a family member. After his diagnosis, the Clark County Public Health Department had to be alerted.

Now both Cristo and his family are healthy and doctors are optimistic about the future.